Foot Drum - Stomp Box  

SALGO - PORTABLE FOOT DRUM / STOMP BOX  The only portable hands-free foot drum percussion instrument you will ever need.

The Salgo Foot Drum Plus is the perfect solution for any solo musician or busker looking to add high quality, live beats and percussion to their performance with only the tap of their feet!

This is a very small, lightweight foot drum so it's absolutely perfect. It's lightweight, long lasting, supports two foot pedals, and has virtually zero latency period delay unlike many competitors. Salgo stores up to 16 different pre-loaded beats or sounds that can be toggled with the click of a button. It's so fun and easy to use, you'll be wondering why you've never tried it before.

With input from fellow musicians, they have developed, designed and meticulously crafted Salgo to be the perfect, final solution as an all in one hands-free foot drum or stomp box for any solo musician busker or small music group.

This new amazing, small, lightweight electric, foot drum has more than 300 sounds that you can select and play with the small foot stomps.  

The Salgo electric foot drum, stomp box Plus with guitar and harmonica.

The Salgo electric Foot Drum, stomp box Plus Introduction.

The only portable hands-free foot drum or stomp box you will ever need.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply send us an email telling us why you were unhappy, and we will refund 100% of your purchase price. (Within 30 days of purchase).

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