Jack's blog dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&rss Jack's blog en-us Sun, 17 Jan 2021 04:00:08 PST Sun, 17 Jan 2021 04:00:08 PST Stomp box Foot drum http://dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&p=468BFCA6EBDDC95BE050010AAB017E29 As any hillbilly will tell you, the best rhythm you will ever play. your own foot stomping down on the porch in a hob-nailed boot. While this may be an adequate technique for a hoe-down, a shindig, or maybe even a hootenanny, when Mr Lomax comes calling and drags you off to Carnegie Hall, that ol size 10 ain’t even going to make it past the first row of Manhattan socialites. Thankfully, Salgo foozdrum plus has come to the rescue with a great little acoustic stompbox that, despite it’s name, actually only requires you to tap it on the edge with the toe of your shoes to generate an amazing amplified beat. http://www.footdrumplus.ca 2017-02-23 01:06:34 SALGO - PORTABLE FOOT DRUM http://dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&p=468BFC892DCCC95BE050010AAB017E29 SALGO - PORTABLE FOOT DRUM 2017-02-14 09:56:02 FOOTDRUM PLUS's Salgo http://dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&p=468BFC8DDAB4A679E050010AAB017E2B FOOTDRUM PLUS's Salgo is the perfect solution for any solo musician looking to add high quality, live beats and percussion to their performance with only the tap of their feet! We've packed everything you need into this small, lightweight footdrum so it's absolutely perfect. It's lightweight, long lasting, supports two foot pedals, and has NO sound delivery delay unlike many competitors. Salgo stores up to 16 different preloaded beats or sounds that can be toggled with the click of a button. It's so fun and easy to use, you'll be amazed you've never tried it before. With input from fellow musicians, we have developed, designed and meticulously crafted Salgo to be the perfect, final solution as an all in one hands-free drum addition for any solo musician or small music group.www.footdrumplus.ca 2017-02-14 09:52:13 Salgo FOOT DRUM stomp box http://dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&p=468BFC8925CBC95BE050010AAB017E29 SALGO - PORTABLE FOOT DRUM The only portable hands-free foot drum you will ever need. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Salgo by FootDrumPlus, was inspired by our love of music and fueled by our pure frustration of being unable to find a Foot Drum that enabled live, hands-free control of musical beats and other musical sounds. As solo musicians, we know how much a drum beat or snare can liven up a performance, and engage a crowd, but being solo performers with our hands tied proved this greatly challenging. At FootDrum Plus, we've worked long and hard to find a solution that allowed LIVE beat production as an addition to music, which is hands-free, lightweight, portable, and easy to use. This is what lead us to design and craft this unique portable foot drum. FootDrum Plus's Salgo is the perfect solution for any solo musician looking to add high quality, live beats and percussion to their performance with only the tap of their feet! We are very proud to bring you Salgo, the only portable foot drum you will ever need. We love it so much and can't wait for you to try yourself! www.footdrumplus.ca 2017-02-14 09:43:47 foot drum - Stomp Box http://dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&p=468BFC806EDDA679E050010AAB017E2B SALGO - PORTABLE FOOT DRUM / STOMP BOX  The only portable hands-free foot drum percussion instrument you will ever need. 2017-02-10 04:33:43 The heart beats song list http://dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&p=D865D2D7399A835CE040010AAB015FFF I have just finished writing out our bands new songs list. I have room for some good country songs, i'm open for any good suggestions. You can see the list Here.http://dream-business.ws/Heart_Beats_Songs 2016-02-13 07:21:35 Super-Keyboarder http://dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&p=F359E10B170622D7E040010AAB0148AF Wir haben jetzt eine Super-Keyboarder in der Band. Willkommen Dirk zu. Der Heartbeats. 2015-11-14 10:13:58 Der auftritt/ probe, http://dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&p=F359E0DE322B22D7E040010AAB0148AF Der auftritt/ probe, gestern 26 okt 2015 bei Eva, hat alles gut geklappte. musizieren macht einfach viel Spaß.  2015-10-27 02:18:05 Heart Beats Proberaum http://dream-business.ws/HeartBeatsBlog&p=F359E0DE300D22D7E040010AAB0148AF Hallo heart Beat Musiker, ich Arbeiter noch am neu Proberaum sollte am Wochenende fertig Sien 2015-10-27 02:12:41